Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Day 9

Dear Dad

How are you today , I heard you got into some bother with some dogs hopefully they didn't annoy you too much I know your not a dog fan.
Anyway back to business today was all about school I had a great day , I got to school early so I could play with my friends . I then did a maths challenge it was tough you know !
I then learnt about commas and how to use them which was good. After that we had playtime , then did some more work . For lunch I had a roast chicken dinner and for pudding a biscuit with a chocolate button on top it was scrumdiliumptus.
After lunch I did road safety with the traffic ladies and one traffic man it was really good and we even went out of the school onto Hunters close.
Then we sat in a circle and shared news from our holidays I told them all about my trip to lytham st annes it was the best.
Tonight I am going to read my book to mum and then have an early night so I can get up and get to school even earlier tomorrow , early starts mean for playtime for me.
Anyway keep drinking and hope no dogs come after you today maybe if you got a bone or a ball and throw it really far they will go away mmm but then they will think you are playing with them so maybe not a good idea.

I will leave you with my joke of the day :-

Where do polar bears vote ...the north poll

Bye until tomorrow

Jack xxxxx