Saturday, 7 May 2011

Day 11 & 12

Dear Dad

Sorry I didn't write yesterday , after school mum and me went to Nanna and Grandads , for tea and a sleepover. I have been playing swing ball with Nanna and Uncle John today .Also Nanna and Grandad took me to toys r us, remember me telling you that me and grandad made up a special day called grandsons day , well this was my present , I got a massive tub of army figures and a spy net torch it's awesome . Mum and me then went shopping this afternoon to get some food it was a bit boring ! Mum hasn't been very well so we are just chilling out now watching a movie .
Hope you are feeling strong and I am a bit worried you aren't putting enough suncream on you look quite red in your picture , so remember two things loads of water and slip slap slop.

Joke of the day :-

What do you call a dinosaur wearing tight shoes?
My-foot-is-saurus! :-)

Hopefully speak later

Jack xx