Monday, 2 May 2011

Day 7

Dear Dad

I am writing this early in the hope that you get to read it before you start running.

It's only 12:25 here but we have done loads already , firstly I had a big bowl of cookie crisp with ice cold milk for my breakfast . Then I went on a mission in the garden with my toy gun it was a tough one but I defeated the enemy phew ! Mum went on the treadmill and I had a go on your spinning bike but it was too hard , so I just pestered mum until she finished :-).
Mum and me then had a dance battle on the kinect and I am going to play motion sports now.

It's back too school tomorrow (boo!!!!) but I am looking forward to seeing my friends ,Mrs Renwick won't be there as she has gone to France to visit the twin school , but Mr Gray will be teaching us.

Joke of the day is
What do you get if you cross and elephant and a fish

Swimming trunks !!

Good luck for day 2 dad I am really proud of you

Jack xxxxxxxx