Tuesday, 20 August 2013

hi there

i have not done an entry for ages and ages it is the middle of my summer and last week on monday i fractured my hand on my left hand so theres not a lot i can dotoday my mums been busy so i have been at my nannas we went to see the new pixar movie planes which was awsome this was only a
quick entry but i will be back later on i will leave you with the joke of the day

there was two men in a pub and the land lord said what can i get you fellas and one man said to the other donkey what do you want he said a pint and the land lord said why do you let him call you that the man replied with hee hor hee hor ways call me that

Sunday, 19 February 2012



Well I have had a good weekend so I am going to tell you all about it .Yesterday I went to Vallum Farm to go and support my Dads charities , Vicky ( the owner) very kindly made 2 massive and I mean massive mint chic chip ice-cream sundaes , which is my dads favourite flavour . I played football on the big field , had my face painted like a robot which looked so good he was a very good face painter . I also met some really nice friends too .
Today I have been on the beach in Tynemouth playing football , for an appletiser in a cafe( dad had a bacon sandwich he he !!) and to the blue reef aquarium which was really good  . I must have been so tired as I fell asleep in the car and the next thing I knew mum was waking me up to tell me we were home .
This afternoon I have watched the Take That progressed DVD it reminds me of going to the concert as its the actual one I went to with Mum , Aunty Sara and Steve .
I need to do my reading diary for school soon - boo !!!! then bed I guess .

Todays joke has a seaside theme ..

Whats the difference between a fish and a piano

You can't Tuna Fish !!!

Hope you like it

Jack :-)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Oh i nearly forgot the joke of the week

what drink does Yoda order at a restaurant       answer: Qui-Gon Jinnotonic            ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Hi I am back ...

and another year older , in November I turned 9 years old and its really exciting for me as I get to do more grown up things .
Since we last spoke , my dad finished his run across the USA in August and raised so much money , in fact he did that well that some people decided to give him some awards for all his hard work . If there was any award I could give him it would be best dad in the world , as he plays football with me and we do exciting things together . 
In other news its my mums birthday soon and i am trying think of something really special to get for her as she is so kind to me ... if you have any good ideas let me know !!!
Also its nearly the end of the half term holidays  , I have had a great time been to football camp all week which was great I scored some goals , my dad had bought me the newcastle away strip and I got Cisse no 9  on the back so I was just pretending to be him all week which was great .  Also I have been to the beach , the cinema to see the muppets which was fantastic .
So I am going to try and update this every few weeks or if their is something really cool too tell you all .

Speak soon 

Jack :-)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Major major catch up.........

Dear Dad

I know it's really late in England but mum and me have got jet lag , so I thought I would write to you.
I had a really great time seeing you and miss you so much now it's really sad , but I know it's only 3 weeks until you will be back with me forever.
We had a good flight home In the nice comfy seats I watched the green hornet , kids tv shows and when mum was a sleep I went to the kitchen area and got some sweets ( ssh don't tell mum I actually went twice ha ha.
I have to go to school in 6 hours so I better try and sleep now.

Love you lots and lots and miss you so much and I am so proud of you .
Joke of the day :-

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Sybil who?
Sybil Simon met a pieman...!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Major catch up to day 66

Dear Dad ....

Well its been 8 years and this is the first fathers day I wont have seen you , but i will let you off as you are doing a great thing to help sick children and also cancer patients and for that dad, I am so proud to call you my dad :-).
I am saving your cards and presents for when i see you on July 9th , one question do you think we will have chance to have boys night when i am there , i have got some dvd's to bring ?!!
Also mum and me had a dance off on friday night, I am thinking we could put some music on and do some crazy dancing in the RV I know you just might do a crazy shuffle as your legs might be tired !
I have spoken to you loads so you know what i have been doing . tomorrow is school trip day and we are going to TheForbidden Corner which i am really looking forward too .

Joke of the Day - What did the hat say to the scarf ..... you go on the head and I'll hang around :-)

Finally hope you have a great day and that i manage to talk to you it would be great to skype . We are going to Nanna and Grandads for tea but will be home if you want to skype about 8 ish before I go to bed .

Happy Fathers day to the best dad on the universe , miss you , loads of love Jackxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Catch up to day 41

Dear Dad....

Sorry I haven't written I have been on holiday this week . Each day I went to the kids club at school , I really enjoyed it . The best day was tuesday as mum and me went to see Take That it was awesome and I am so excited to go again next week with Aunty Sara Steve and Mum. The next best day was Thursday we went to Beamish Wild it was brilliant , the bast thing was archery , I saw birds of prey , and then climbed the biggest tree and zoomed down zip wires. The only bad thing was is was so hot but it was still the best day.
This weekend we went to get some new school uniform from the metro centre , you never guess what mum and me did...... We went to the place where the fish nibble your feet , it was weird at first but then it was like loads of little fish kissing your feet , both mine and mums feet were so soft after. I then when to get my hair cut , no here is the problem , mum told the hairdresser I wanted my hair like Justin Bieber and I really didn't want it like his as I am not a fan . Anyway in the end it looks really cool but it's my haircut not Justin Biebers!!!
Anyway tomorrow we are going to see Aunty Joyce for brunch I am not sure what that is but mum says it's breakfast at lunch time . Then we are off to Nanna and Grandads for tea.
Back to school tomorrow and then only 5 weeks until I see you !!

Joke of the day

Why were the elephants thrown out of the swimming pool ?....... Because they couldn't hold there trunks up :-)

Anyway hope to speak later let's try and Skype I will be in bed by 8 at the latest tomorrow night , (boo!)

Lots of love and a great big hug

Jack xxxx