Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 17 and 18

Dear Dad

Sorry it's was not my fault I haven't written the blog site wasn't working .

How are you doing ? Can't wait to hear about Las Vegas .

Well I have some bad news and good news I did my audition today I got into the top 3 for bugsy Malone , bad news I got pipped to the post by a boy in year 6 . Good news is I am the Understudy for Fat Sam so if the boy who was chosen is sick I get to be fat Sam , not that it's good if he is sick - oh you know what I mean.
Tonight I have been playing on the x box and mum and me were going to watch a film but mum is so tired as I was a fidget last night and kept her awake all night.

Anyway must go as it's nearly time for bed hope to speak to you over the weekend .

Before I go joke of the day..... What tea do footballers drink ? Penal-tea ( get it ?)

Speak soon

Jack xxx