Thursday, 5 May 2011

Day 10

Dear Dad ...

I know I have only just spoken to you but I couldn't hear you very well it sounded really busy . Well today was another hectic day at school . This morning I was very tired  and couldn't get out of bed so I didn't get to school until 8:45 so I only had a bit of play time . After that I had registration with Mr Gray , then we did literacy we wrote about a Pharaohs curse - as its all about Egypt right now, we are reading a great book called There is a Pharoah in our bath . After that I went swimming , first of all we used a float to practice front crawl legs , then we did the pencil for our arms ( for those of you who don't know what a pencil is you quite simply but your arms like a pencil and do front crawl arms). We then had lunch I had Pizza , Pasta with spag hoops , followed by yummy chocolate cake and custard .It was then playtime which was fun . We then continued with Pharoahs curse, and after school finished I went to kids club ,then I spoke to you.
I might go and play outside now and have an adventure . Before I forget mum took a picture of the tree that I was telling you had blossomed in our driveway so here you go .

Joke of the day  - Knock ,Knock ..... who's there ...... woo......woo who ?... don't get excited its only a joke . ;-)

Anyway speak soon

Jack xxxxxx