Saturday, 4 June 2011

Catch up to day 41

Dear Dad....

Sorry I haven't written I have been on holiday this week . Each day I went to the kids club at school , I really enjoyed it . The best day was tuesday as mum and me went to see Take That it was awesome and I am so excited to go again next week with Aunty Sara Steve and Mum. The next best day was Thursday we went to Beamish Wild it was brilliant , the bast thing was archery , I saw birds of prey , and then climbed the biggest tree and zoomed down zip wires. The only bad thing was is was so hot but it was still the best day.
This weekend we went to get some new school uniform from the metro centre , you never guess what mum and me did...... We went to the place where the fish nibble your feet , it was weird at first but then it was like loads of little fish kissing your feet , both mine and mums feet were so soft after. I then when to get my hair cut , no here is the problem , mum told the hairdresser I wanted my hair like Justin Bieber and I really didn't want it like his as I am not a fan . Anyway in the end it looks really cool but it's my haircut not Justin Biebers!!!
Anyway tomorrow we are going to see Aunty Joyce for brunch I am not sure what that is but mum says it's breakfast at lunch time . Then we are off to Nanna and Grandads for tea.
Back to school tomorrow and then only 5 weeks until I see you !!

Joke of the day

Why were the elephants thrown out of the swimming pool ?....... Because they couldn't hold there trunks up :-)

Anyway hope to speak later let's try and Skype I will be in bed by 8 at the latest tomorrow night , (boo!)

Lots of love and a great big hug

Jack xxxx