Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hi I am back ...

and another year older , in November I turned 9 years old and its really exciting for me as I get to do more grown up things .
Since we last spoke , my dad finished his run across the USA in August and raised so much money , in fact he did that well that some people decided to give him some awards for all his hard work . If there was any award I could give him it would be best dad in the world , as he plays football with me and we do exciting things together . 
In other news its my mums birthday soon and i am trying think of something really special to get for her as she is so kind to me ... if you have any good ideas let me know !!!
Also its nearly the end of the half term holidays  , I have had a great time been to football camp all week which was great I scored some goals , my dad had bought me the newcastle away strip and I got Cisse no 9  on the back so I was just pretending to be him all week which was great .  Also I have been to the beach , the cinema to see the muppets which was fantastic .
So I am going to try and update this every few weeks or if their is something really cool too tell you all .

Speak soon 

Jack :-)