Sunday, 19 June 2011

Major catch up to day 66

Dear Dad ....

Well its been 8 years and this is the first fathers day I wont have seen you , but i will let you off as you are doing a great thing to help sick children and also cancer patients and for that dad, I am so proud to call you my dad :-).
I am saving your cards and presents for when i see you on July 9th , one question do you think we will have chance to have boys night when i am there , i have got some dvd's to bring ?!!
Also mum and me had a dance off on friday night, I am thinking we could put some music on and do some crazy dancing in the RV I know you just might do a crazy shuffle as your legs might be tired !
I have spoken to you loads so you know what i have been doing . tomorrow is school trip day and we are going to TheForbidden Corner which i am really looking forward too .

Joke of the Day - What did the hat say to the scarf ..... you go on the head and I'll hang around :-)

Finally hope you have a great day and that i manage to talk to you it would be great to skype . We are going to Nanna and Grandads for tea but will be home if you want to skype about 8 ish before I go to bed .

Happy Fathers day to the best dad on the universe , miss you , loads of love Jackxxxxxxxxxx